Gmail Inbox Tips

If you’re an avid Gmail user, this one’s for you!
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Gmail’s default way of displaying emails isn’t exactly ideal for everyone! It splits up what it thinks are ‘promotional’ emails, ‘social’, even ‘update’ types of emails. If you haven’t changed your Inbox settings, you might be missing some important emails.

But don’t fret. It’s as easy as–tahi, rua, toru–to streamline your Inbox so you catch them all!


Click on the ‘gear’ icon in the right-hand corner of your Gmail Inbox and click the ‘Settings’ option



Click the ‘Inbox’ tab, then uncheck all of the tick boxes.
[You can also choose from various layouts for your Inbox. Have a play and pick the one that fits your email habits best.]



Don’t forget to save! Click the ‘Save’ button, it’s small, and at the bottom of the Settings screen


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