Plastic Bag Free Raglan is a movement ignited by the Raglan Chamber of Commerce, Whaingaroa Environment Centre and Xtreme Zero Waste to combat the ever-growing issue of single-use plastic bags within our community. 

As a Chamber, our mission is to support, foster and advocate for vibrant, sustainable business in Whaingaroa-Raglan.

With the water at our doorstep, it is our responsibility to do what we can to care for the sea and to monitor what is blowing into it from our streets. Although there are many contributing factors to the rubbish that ends up in the water, we know that single-use plastic bags are within our control to change.

We are encouraging current and future business owners in Whaingaroa-Raglan to consider their environmental impact and the example they are setting for local and visiting shoppers alike. What might be convenient isn’t necessarily sustainable.

We are proud to support the Plastic Bag Free Raglan team and the work they are doing to strengthen Raglan as an environmentally conscious town to live in and visit.

To find out more, visit Plastic Bag Free Raglan online:
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