2019 AGM

Held 26 July 2019 at Rockit Kitchen.

The Chair Report was provided by Morgan Morris, and read to the AGM by Charlie Young.

Welcome everyone and thank you for coming to our AGM.

The Raglan Business Chamber is very proud of the support we have been able to provide to our local businesses this year and in turn, we are very appreciative of the continued support we receive from our valued members. We would like to acknowledge the work and support of our Principal Partner, Bizworx, and their team here tonight.

We have had another busy year, with the Board being involved in several significant initiatives affecting the business community and the Raglan community alike.

We have had a few small changes to the Board; we have said goodbye to Hayley Willers and Frida Kabo. We thank both for their valuable time and contribution. We are very lucky to welcome Kendyl Haultain as our newest Board member. Kendyl brings a new, fresh and modern perspective and we very much look forward to her being a part of the team. Kendyl is the Co-Owner of Make Social Click – advising businesses in social media, strategy and content.

We have also had a reshuffle in our administrative team, Karamea’s role has changed to Secretary/Digital Design and Outreach Coordinator where she will be focusing on the Chambers digital needs regarding website, newsletter, marketing online dissemination and social media outreach. 

We welcome Lani Puriri who has taken over the role of Business Development Coordinator and will be dealing with the day-to-day operations of the Chamber as well as focusing on growing our member base and maintaining an excellent level of member support.  We are very lucky to have this dynamic duo work together to help the Chamber prosper.

Over the past 12-months, the Chamber has been very active. The majority of work the Chamber does is done behind the scenes and often goes unnoticed, however, I can assure you we have a lot going on to make sure the Raglan business community and our local community remain sustainable and profitable. 

A few of our key projects this past year: 

    • Destination Management Group – The Whaingaroa Raglan Destination Management Organisation, more aptly known as the DMO, has been in the pipeline for a few years now. As a Chamber, we recognise the importance of tourism in our community, and both the positives and negatives the rise in visitor numbers brings into our community. We have allocated some time and funding to further developing the work of the DMO, which will allow us to effectively bring some management to Raglan as a destination.

    • Raglan Business Chamber rebrand – In-line with a few of our fellow Chamber’s from around the country, we did a very soft relaunch as the Raglan Business Chamber back in March. We are still members of the New Zealand Chambers of Commerce and members receive all the benefits associated with that partnership. We felt that the ‘Raglan Business Chamber’ brings a fresh new vibe to the way we look at business in our community and is more inclusive to all generations of business.

    • WRAP – the Whaingaroa Raglan Affordable Housing Project has been a massive piece of work, which the Chamber helped to launch at the beginning of 2018. Board Members Charlie and Lisa have been participating in the on-going work of WRAP since its inception. The Chamber recognises how the housing crisis impacts local businesses, especially when you are looking to hire new employees, but those employees cannot find anywhere to live long-term. The work of WRAP is dedicated to finding feasible solutions that work specifically for us here in Raglan.

    • Plastic Bag Free Raglan at Keep NZ Beautiful Awards – In October 2018, the Plastic Bag Free Raglan project won Best Community Environmental Initiative Award at 2018 Keep NZ Beautiful Awards, and Raglan was awarded Most Beautiful Small Town, as well as the Supreme Award. The Chamber was actively involved in the work of Plastic Bag Free Raglan, especially in regards to the Business Accreditation Programme. Plastic Bag Free Raglan has now evolved into Plastic Free Raglan, and Bronwyn continues to sit on the Steering Committee representing the Chamber and the Business Community.

    • New electronic Membership Cards – New to the Chamber, we are aiming to streamline things a bit more. We launched our new Membership e-cards this year, which is simply download and saved to the phone photo roll. These are e-mailed to members upon receipt of the yearly membership fee.

    • i-site Proposal – some of you may know that the i-Site was due to close at the end of June. The Chamber, working under the umbrella of the DMO, met with Council to see what could be done to keep the i-Site open and operating. We even submitted a tender, with a proposition of our own to run the i-Site and provide the information services to the visitors and the community. However, the Council has chosen to pick up the i-Site and operate it for the time being, but we will keep you in the loop as to the future of our i-site.

    • Raglan Naturally – We are actively involved in the work of Raglan Naturally, with our main focus being in the Business and Employment Focus Group and the Destination and Visitor Management Focus Groups. Helping to ensure that the business interests are properly represented, and the work of the community is also being shared with our members. 

As we moved forward, and in-line with the work of Raglan Naturally, we will be putting more resources into establishing the Chamber as the Business Support Hub in our Community. Further developing a service that is beneficial and can add value to our members and their businesses.

Increasing membership is a vital year-round objective of the Chamber, as membership is an integral part of our revenue stream. The continued growth of our membership allows us to offer more member benefits, from events, workshops, networking opportunities and new ways of profiling and showcasing our members.  

We know there are many businesses in our community. Over the coming months we will work to expand as the Business Support Hub for Raglan to connect with those not yet in the Chamber, and really show that Raglan is an economically sustainable community, where small and medium businesses support one another and thrive. If you know of any non-member businesses looking to connect or widen their network, invite them along to a future event. 

This past year we also hosted a bevvy of events, from our usual breakfasts and happy hours to new training sessions, our amazing International Women’s Day presentation at The Wharf, Techweek and our new 5 After 5 series. We are looking forward to accelerating our event offerings and providing more training and workshops on a regular basis. If there are any particular areas of learning and development you are interested in, please send us an email. Alternatively, if you are interested in hosting an event in your business space, we’d love to team up and help showcase your business.

Lastly, I would like to acknowledge the rest of the board members for their dedication and hard work throughout the previous year. This is a voluntary board and a lot of time and effort is put in by each and every one of our board members so thank you all very much. And again, a special thank you to Bizworx our Principal Partner.

Again thank you all for coming and enjoy your evening.

Morgan Morris Chairperson 


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