CBD Security Concerns

Over the last three months there have been seven significant shop burglaries in the downtown area.

Police are very concerned for the upcoming long weekend, and the busy summer season to follow.

The Police are advising the following for all businesses in Raglan this weekend:

  • Bank all cash on Friday
  • If you or a staff member leave the premises with cash, make sure there is someone there to accompany them to their destination
  • If cash is kept on site, make sure it is secured and hidden from view
  • Leave a light or lights on through the night when you close your shop
  • Make sure all external sensor lighting is functioning properly
  • Ensure all security cameras are functioning properly (please be advised that security systems have been dismantled at some of the shops that have been broken into. If you can secure your system, disguise your cameras and/or keep the main system off-site, please consider doing so)

If you observe any suspicious behaviour, call the Raglan Police immediately,
825 8200 or dial 111.

The Chamber is working with the Police to secure and install additional CCTV cameras throughout the CBD. We will advise as soon as these have been installed.

Please remember that if you end up in a hostile situation, your life is much more important than your cash.

If you need any assistance securing your shop, or seek additional support and/or advice, please do not hesitate to contact The Chamber on 027 344 4575 or call our friendly Police staff 825 8200.

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